easyMulch is Reviewed by

easyMulch is Reviewed by

easyMulch new straw pellet mulch gets recommendation in

[cl-review quote=”The benefits of mulching the garden, especially bare ground over winter is something that is widely accepted as being incredibly valuable. Not only does a mulch protect the soil microbiology but it helps the soil structure, prevents leaching of nutrients and stops weeds. Over the years I have tried quite a few different products.

Woodchips are cheap and widely available but seem to attract slugs in our climate.
Straw doesn’t break down fast enough in the winter so isn’t ideal.
Cocoa Shell mulch is good but works out very expensive and difficult to transport.

EasymulchThis year I have been trying a new product I have found called easyMulch and it’s working out really well. The mulch is essentially pelleted straw that expands once it is wet.

The claims from the guys a easyMulch are:

clean & easy
retains moisture
reduces weeds
helps keep slugs away
improves soil structure

I’ll cover my opinions on each of these claims. . . . ” author=”” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”clean”]

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