easyMulch – Natural Weed Suppressing Mulch

easyMulch is a natural, sustainable and effective weed suppressing barrier.  A single layer of easyMulch produces superior results with improved insulation, plant growth,  surface coverage and weed suppression, by up to 97%.  Reducing the need for expensive fertilizers and weed killers. It will decompose after a season and as it does it will enrich the soil with nutrients and improves its structure.  It will not leach nutrients from the soil like wood based products.  It is what your plants would buy!

easyMulch – Natural Organic Weed Suppressing Mulch
easymulch is clean and easy
clean & easy pellets
easymulch keeps slugs away
slug deterrent
easymulch reduces weeds
suppresses weeds
absorbs 6 times its own weight in water
holds ~6x moisture
easymulch improves soil structure
soil conditioner
easymulch expands upto 4 times its original size
expands ~4x
easymulch logo

easyMulch can be used throughout the garden on borders, raised beds, planters, fruit and vegetable plots as well as small planted pots and hanging baskets.

easymulch is great for potted plants
Pot Plants
easymulch is great for hanging baskets
Hanging Baskets
easymulch is great for vegetables
easymulch is great for fruit

Featured Products

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