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easyMulch is the new multi-purpose natural straw pellet mulch which has been awarded GIMA Highly Commended status.   It offers a clean and easy way to protect plants and soil from extreme weather, retaining moisture, preventing erosion while suppressing weeds It can also help deter slugs due to its dry rough texture. easyMulch is sterilised in production so is free from weeds, pest and fungi common in bark mulch.

easyMulch comes in 10L, 20L and 30L bags, which take up only one third of the floorspace required for equivalent bark mulch bags and we can offer ready to use PoS (wrap around) pallet displays holding approx. 30x30L bags or headboards as required.

We also supply free PoS literature and provide in house demonstrations. We can deliver direct to your store or central distribution as required on short lead times.

We manufacture easyMulch at our own bespoke facility in Warwickshire, sourcing our straw sustainably from local farmers.

Please call 01789 761366 or email trade@greenfence.co.uk for further information and prices.

Unique Product
Good Margins
Easy to store & carry
Can be stored outside
Free PoS Wrap Around Display * 32 bags minimum
Free Pos Leaflets
In store demo
Available All Year Round

easyMulch Trade Information

easymulch natural logo

easyMulch can be used throughout the garden on borders, raised beds, planters, fruit and vegetable plots as well as small planted pots and hanging baskets.

easymulch is great for potted plants
Pot Plants
easymulch is great for hanging baskets
Hanging Baskets
easymulch is great for vegetables
easymulch is great for fruit

Call us today on 01789 761366 or Email us at  trade@greenfence.co.uk

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